Free Music Distribution

I notice a lot of artist are afraid of putting they music up for sale simply out of fear of rejection. I watch these guys go through the same process when putting out new music. Its soundcloud, youtube, audio mack, dat piff etc.. Dont get me wrong all are great sites to get your music potentially heard by potential fans. Heres the thing, what about when they like your music and they actually want to support and purchase your Music? Exactly, your shit out of luck and possibly may lose a fan. No music for sale = amateur with no potental money to be made. Would you like to get your music up for sale and available to over 70% of the music market, china included? Try Routnote why? Its 100% free no hidden fees. 2 its free which to me is a win win. If you dont make money your not losing when your initial investment was $0. Try it now click 👉Routenote👈 If it means anything I have even tried them out and I thought it was great! You can see HERE the music I have distributed myself. Check it. 

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